We offer a wide range of animal products to fit all of our customers needs. We provide feeds for livestock, swine, goats, lambs, horses, chickens, ducks, deer and your pets; you name it, we can feed it.


We are connected with multiple distributers to get the best products for our customers for the best price. Our products include but are not limited to: Purina Animal Nutrition and Land O Lakes, bulk feeds, grind & mix, bagging, and much more!!


The next time you need feed, stop in at SilverEdge, where your animals and you will be taken care of! 


Steve Schilling, Livestock Production Specialist 563-599-3917

Lillie Beringer, Lifestyle Production Specialist 563-451-2268

                    Lillie specializes in equine, sheep, goat, pets, and show feeds

Brittany Hoefler, Dairy Nutrition Specialist 563-543-0277