About Us

SilverEdge Cooperative's petroleum department is a full service distributor of gasoline, diesel fuels, lubricants, D.E.F, storage equiptment, parts and service. 


Our two expert route drivers deliver to farms, homes, and commercial accounts daily. In addition, our outsourced transport trucks keeps our stations and our bulk plant filled with top quality, fresh fuels.


We stock a full line of lubricants for farm or commerical applications, in pre-packaged or bulk quantities, and we can deliver. 


Frequently Asked Question's

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Q) Do you sell to non-farmers?

YES!!! we are owned by our farmer members, but we are here to serve everyones fuel needs.

Q) What areas do you serve?

All of Deleware and each of the surrounding counties.

Q) What products do you sell?

Gasolines, on-road diesel, off road diesel, fuel oil, full line of lubricants and anti-freeze for your farm, commercial or industrial applications, fuel storage, parts and service.

Q) Do fuel purchases earn patronage?

For our member/owners, all purchases of fuels, lubes, D.E.F, equipment or parts earn patronage.

Q) How can I become a member?

If you are involved in farming, you can become a member simply by purchasing a share of stock. See your local branch office.